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Lubna Kerr - Tickbox 2 - #EdFringe 2023 - Review at

EdFringe Review: Tickbox 2 – Lubna Kerr – Pleasance

WJQuinnAug 29, 20234 min read

★★★★ ‘Tickbox 2’ is a great solo-show, which achieves a rare feat in translating a fascinating, and deeply considered personal history into an engaging, well-structured play. Writer and performer, Lubna…

EdFringe review: The Rotting Hart

EdFringe review: The Rotting Hart

Annie QuinnAug 28, 20233 min read

★★★★ Once again, the wife steps in with a review. Invited to an additional performance of “The Rotting Hart” (26th August at the Scottish Storytelling Centre), I took up the…

Cliff Richard - #EdFringe 2023 - Review at

EdFringe History: Sir Cliff Richard in Conversation With Gloria Hunniford

WJQuinnAug 28, 202313 min read

The Stables at Prestonfield witnessed a little bit of Edinburgh Fringe history this August with the addition of ageless pop legend, Cliff Richard to the thousands strong ranks of Edinburgh…

The Temp - #EdFringe 2023 - Gilded Balloon - Review at

EdFringe Review: The Temp – Kristina DeGiovanni

WJQuinnAug 27, 20234 min read

★★★★★ NY-based comedian Kristina DeGiovanni brings her one-person play, ‘The Temp’ to Edinburgh this August, and it’s a goodie. It is first critical to understand that this is not a…

Awake and Narcoleptic with Sarah Albritton - #EdFringe 2023 - Review at

EdFringe Review: Awake and Narcoleptic with Sarah Albritton

WJQuinnAug 26, 20234 min read

★★★ The world of comedy is notoriously brutal, slap a comedian with any sort of trauma one year, and allowing for their survival, it’s 3-1 that said trauma is integral…

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