The heart of theQR

The Quinntessential Review, fondly known as theQR, is based in the mesmerising city of Edinburgh, Scotland. As an independent online arts review publication, it prides itself on delivering honest and constructive criticism.

But theQR is more than just a publication; it’s a dynamic platform that showcases a treasure trove of creativity, with an emphasis on celebrating voices that might not be found under the traditional spotlight.

With a mission for high-quality, thoughtful, and as objective as possible reviewing, theQR covers a diverse array of creators – be it professional or amateur, believing that greatness can be found in all. It is earnest in its dedication to contribute positively to the growth and appreciation of the arts nationally and beyond.

Meet William Quinn, the editor of theQR

Will is a man of many hats (quite literally) and diverse pursuits, who has worked in various fields before planting the seeds of theQR.

Hailing from Dundee, Will’s path included being a research scientist with a degree in zoology, a carer, a maths teacher, and even creating one of the largest dance schools in Scotland.

A fun fact: During his zoology studies, William often found himself dispelling the misconception that he was training to be a zookeeper. Unbeknownst to many, his endeavours included groundbreaking contributions to the world’s first in vitro fertilisation of fruit flies and the study of sharks’ immune systems. Frankly, I (the wife) have no idea what any of that means, but it’s quite impressive!