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BH_Cinderella_(c)Alex Brenner__ Ray Emmet Brown (Amir_Delphy) _ Yanexi Enriquez (Sindi-Ella) - Review at

Review: Cinderella – Brixton House

WJQuinnDec 6, 20234 min read

★★★ Brixton House is offering a fresh, musical take on the Cinderella story this Christmas. Sindi-Ella (Yanexi Enriquez) is a passionate produce grower, grieving the loss of her greengrocer dad,…

Ghosts-Paul-Hilton-as-Father-Manders-and-Hattie-Morahan-as-Helene-Alving - Review at - Credit Marc Brenner.jpg

Review: Ghosts – Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

WJQuinnDec 4, 20235 min read

★★★★ Henrik Ibsen’s 1881 play, Ghosts, considered by many the first modern play, is perfectly set within the intimate confines of the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse. Intimacy, or rather its denial,…

The Witches - National Theatre - Christmas 2023 - Photo Credit Marc Brenner

Review: The Witches – National Theatre

WJQuinnDec 2, 20237 min read

★★★★★ The Witches is sensational, I have no notes. Despite this, theQR’s M.O. rather demands I provide you with a few. Where to start? Perhaps with Lucy Kirkwood’s faithful, but…

Shawna Hamic - Unfortunate - Southwark Playhouse - Interview - Preview -

‘It is a lot all at once, but I do enjoy it.’ – Shawna Hamic & Tom Lowe talk ‘Unfortunate’.

WJQuinnNov 24, 20236 min read

In an ambitious collision of Disney magic and irreverent humour, the upcoming musical parody ‘Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch’ promises to redefine the narrative you thought…

The Mongol Khan - London Coliseum - Review at

Review: The Mongol Khan – London Coliseum

WJQuinnNov 21, 20238 min read

★★★★★ Mongolian Epic, The Mongol Khan arrives in London with all the lavish national majesty of an Olympic opening ceremony and a story fit for the grandest of tragic opera.…

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