#SNAPCHATZ Episode 24: Fringe deities (in the making)

Today’s novice Fringe deities are comedian in a box, Dominique Salerno, a haunting Picasso tale from Peter Tate, and world first adapters of Stephen Fry, Edinburgh Theatre Arts!

#SNAPCHATZ is simple. I challenge all 2023 Fringe performers & creators to answer 3 questions and to sell you, dear reader, their show. Their answers are tossed into a digital hat, and published in quick-read trios. It’s a Fringe goer’s fastest and safest (no guerilla flyering!) way to find someone, or something, new.

If you like what you read, you’re intrigued, you bark a laugh or shed a tear, or you suspect some risk of lasting trauma, then click those links and buy a ticket, or 10!

Dominique Salerno: The Box Show

Created by Dominique Salerno
Dominique Salerno: The Box Show - #SNAPCHATZ 2023 - The QR.co.uk
© Dominique Salerno

Who are you/what is your show?

I’m Dominique Salerno, a writer-actor-improviser from New York City. In my solo show, The Box Show, I perform 25 characters from inside a small box. Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds. 

What sets your show apart from the rest?

Probably the fact that I play 25 characters while never leaving a small box. Imagine a kitchen cupboard. Now imagine a curvy millennial woman with a sometimes wacky, sometimes dark sense of humour smushed inside of that cupboard. That’s basically the show! Every time the cupboard doors swing open, we enter a new reality with new characters. Some of these characters include: a drunken couple mid-fight, a ravenous spy, and the entire Greek army inside the Trojan Horse. It’s physical, hilarious, heartfelt, surprising, and sincere. Some people describe it as a great night of SNL performed by one woman inside of a box! Other people describe it as a fever dream of terror and delight! Come find out for yourself…

Your dream audience turns up to see the show, who’s watching?

My dream audience would be some of my comedy idols who’ve been plied with enough booze to be in the mood to laugh but not drunk enough to start throwing things at me. If I had the courage, I’d love to perform for a house packed with a drunk Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Jack Black, Roisin Conaty, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Ike Barinholz, Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt, Aaron Sorkin, and the entire cast of Monty Python. I’d even throw in the ghost of Homer if he’d be willing to watch me mess with his myths! Although Homer might storm out if he disagrees with my controversial characterization of Epeius, the architect of the Trojan Horse. Is my nerd showing? Sorry, I’ll put that away… Ghosts or not, all are welcome to my small box show, and honestly: my ideal audience is everyone!

Picasso: Le Monstre Sacré

Guy Masterson – TTI presents The Playground Theatre.
Image credit_ Peter Tate by Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni - #SNAPCHATZ 2023 - TheQR.co.uk
© Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni

Who are you/what is your show?

I am the founder and Co-Artistic Director of The Playground Theatre in West London. I am an actor who is a multi-award winner for Odd Man Out, which I wrote  when I lived in New York, both in the theatre in places like St Petersburg, Jerusalem and Cracow and the film version at international film festivals.

My show is Picasso : Le Monstre Sacre originally created by Terry d’Alfonso. It is an unsanitised look, by Picasso, of his life particularly his relationships with women as he revisits his life after death.

What sets your show apart from the rest?

A lot of film is used in the production. It is a  multi media piece as well as incorporating song and dance.

Your dream audience turns up to see the show, who’s watching?

I once performed at the Actors Studio in New York and Elia Kazan , director of On the Waterfront, Streetcar Named Desire and East of Eden, was watching. I would love him there again . Great director although I did not agree with what he did in the MacArthur witch hunt-sounds a familiar phrase. Would be great to have Marlon Brando there_ I came very close to meeting him once in fact he was in the next room to me. Lev Dodin of the Maly Theatre of St Petersburg, Henryk Baranowski , twice winner of Russia’s and Polands top awards as director, who invited me to play Macbeth with his company in Poland-Terry d’ Alfonso, the creator of this work.Jeanne Moreau, Sinead O’Connor singing her most famous song ‘Nothing Compares, before the curtain goes up. Finally I would love silence at the end of my performance and then to emerge into a glorious day reflecting on what I just did

Making History by Stephen Fry

Created by Edinburgh Theatre Arts
httpstickets.edfringe.comwhats-on#q=MakingHistorybyStephenFry - #SNAPCHATZ 2023 - TheQR.co.uk
© Edinburgh Theatre Arts

Who are you/what is your show?

We are Edinburgh Theatre Arts and our show is “Making History by Stephen Fry” – the first ever stage adaptation of his 1996 novel. A history student and physics professor meet by accident and come to realise that between them they have the knowledge to change the past and eradicate a great evil. Why they do it, how they do it and what happens if they do it!

What sets your show apart from the rest?

You don’t get many science fiction stories on stage, you don’t get many Stephen Fry stories on stage – and this is both! It’s ultimately an adventure story with an ingenious plot but that also has the warmth and wit of Stephen Fry in the telling of it.

Your dream audience turns up to see the show, who’s watching?

Well it’s Stephen Fry’s story, so he’d have to be there. JFK, Einstein, Hitler and Keanu Reeves are all mentioned in the story, so we’d leave a couple of comps at the door for them too.

Other than that, a full house of people who enjoy an engaging story with relatable characters and a twisting plot, oh and a bar tent in the garden at the interval!

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