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Sound the Klaxon - Leith Depot - Paul Case - Lloyd Robinson - Interview -

Sound the Klaxon – ambitious new Spoken word night coming to Leith

WJQuinnNov 24, 202315 min read

Halfway down Leith Walk, at the beloved Leith Depot, a Spoken word phenomenon is set to unfold, orchestrated by formidable duo, Paul Case and Lloyd Robinson. In an exclusive long-read…

Shawna Hamic - Unfortunate - Southwark Playhouse - Interview - Preview -

‘It is a lot all at once, but I do enjoy it.’ – Shawna Hamic & Tom Lowe talk ‘Unfortunate’.

WJQuinnNov 24, 20236 min read

In an ambitious collision of Disney magic and irreverent humour, the upcoming musical parody ‘Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch’ promises to redefine the narrative you thought…

Aganeza Scrooge - Tron Theatre - Interview - Kyle Gardiner -

Christmas 2023 – Kyle Gardiner talks Aganeza Scrooge

WJQuinnNov 20, 202310 min read

In the shadow of the pantosphere’s merriment lies Dickensian Street, home to the formidable Aganeza Scrooge, a miser with a vendetta against Christmas cheer. Enter Kyle Gardiner, fresh from a…

A Woman Walks into a Bank - Roxy Cook - Interview -

A Woman Walks Into A Bank: A Glimpse into Modern Russia – Q&A with Playwright Roxy Cook

WJQuinnNov 10, 20235 min read

In the historical backdrop of Moscow, post the 2018 World Cup, a ‘striking’ play, ‘A Woman Walks Into A Bank,’ is set to open at Theatre503 on November 21st. Written…

The Mongol Khan - Interview with Hero Baatar - - BChadraabal©2022 Тамгагүй төр жүжиг Гэрэл (2)

‘The Mongol Khan’: Exclusive Director Interview

WJQuinnOct 27, 20237 min read

Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek into the mesmerizing world of The Mongol Khan as we sit down with the show’s director, Hero Baatar. This eagerly anticipated production is…

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