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Immerse yourself in the world of #EdFringe 2023 with #SNAPCHATZ, where behind-the-scenes interviews take you closer to the action. In each episode, a trio of Fringe performers share their stories, inspirations, and standout moments. These quick, insightful exchanges help you discover your must-see shows and meet the new stars of the Fringe.

Join us on a journey into the heart of the Fringe. Here, we spotlight emerging talents and innovative performances that define this year’s festival. But with #SNAPCHATZ, you’re not just an audience member. You connect with the vibrant Fringe community, uncovering the untold stories, enjoying the laugh-out-loud moments, and the inspiring journeys.

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Experience the buzz and excitement of #EdFringe 2023 with our daily episodes, now published twice daily due to overwhelming demand (a few episodes even feature more than a trio!). Stay tuned for exclusive content from a variety of performers.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Fringe-goer or new to the festival, #SNAPCHATZ is your insider’s guide to #EdFringe 2023. Tune in, discover, and be inspired by the captivating world of the Fringe.

#SNAPCHATZ Episode 60: It’s the final countdown to #EdFringe 2023!

Join us for the final countdown to #EdFringe 2023 as our last #SNAPCHATZ spotlight shines on four shows ready to ignite the festival!

#SNAPCHATZ Episode 59: Creative diversity at #EdFringe 2023

Discover the Creative Diversity at Fringe in #SNAPCHATZ. Humor, personal narratives, queer joy, and poetic insights await your discovery.

#SNAPCHATZ Episode 58: Shows shattering conventions

Four shows shattering conventions all under one roof: ‘Hello Kitty Must Die’, ‘Klanghaus: InHaus’, ‘All Aboard!’, ’35MM’. Tune in! #SNAPCHATZ #EdFringe 2023.

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