Lost Map X PRAH Unite for Epic Glasgow Halloween Bash

Lost Map X PRAH Records - Preview at TheQR.co.uk

Get ready for an electrifying Halloween experience as two pioneering record labels, Lost Map Records and PRAH Recordings, join forces to commemorate a decade of groundbreaking music. On Saturday, October 28th, at Glasgow’s renowned Platform, music enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a day-long celebration of genre-defying live performances and DJs, culminating in an epic afterparty at the Flying Duck in collaboration with Pop Mutations. Lost Map X PRAH promise a Halloween celebration like no other.

The main festivities kick off at Platform from 2 pm to 9:30 pm, where attendees will be treated to a diverse lineup of artists and DJs. Against the backdrop of this vibrant Halloween celebration, the event will feature food, drinks, and a special mask-making station led by VOMITON. Embracing the Halloween spirit with fancy dress is strongly encouraged, promising a visually stunning and creatively charged atmosphere. Tickets for the Hallowe’en All Dayer are priced at (£7/£8.50/£16.50).

Prior to the main event, the whole family can enjoy a free Halloween art workshop from 1 pm to 2 pm at Platform, offering a fun and artistic way to kickstart the Halloween festivities.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the celebration – the Lost Map & PRAH All Dayer Lineup:

  • Callum Easter: Edinburgh-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Callum Easter will showcase his unique blend of impulse and songwriting craftsmanship, offering an intriguing fusion of mutated soul, punk, and rock ‘n’ roll.
  • Lost Map’s Weird Wave: To commemorate Lost Map Records’ 10th anniversary, a psychedelic-eclectic collective has been formed, led by label founder Johnny Lynch, also known as Pictish Trail. This collective promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind musical experience.
  • Maranta: The duo of Callum Govan and Gloria Black will captivate the audience with their infectious melodies and distinctive leftfield pop and dance music.
  • MF Tomlinson: Brisbane-born, London-based songwriter MF Tomlinson’s unique style defies categorization, incorporating elements of acid folk, alt-country, and chamber pop.
  • The Umlauts: This emerging band, with roots in mainland Europe, brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. Their debut EP, “Ü,” blends mechanical synth-pop, no wave, and bristling post-punk, accompanied by multilingual lyrics.
  • Tony Njoku: British-Nigerian electronic music producer and songwriter Tony Njoku, with his self-penned and produced songs, promises to take the audience on a captivating journey with strikingly evocative soundscapes.

As the sun sets, the party continues with the Lost Map x PRAH Halloween Afterparty at the Flying Duck in collaboration with Pop Mutations. Running from 10 pm to 2 am, this late-night extravaganza features performances by:

  • uh: The sister-brother duo Dominic and Fionnuala Kennedy will provide a skittish, urgent, and beat-driven musical experience.
  • Free Love (DJ set): Formerly known as Happy Meals, Free Love’s psychedelic odysseys will keep the energy high throughout the night.

Platform, located at The Bridge in Glasgow’s east end, serves as a year-round hub for music, performance, visual art, workshops, classes, and community outreach. The Bridge also offers a café, swimming pool, and library, making it a vibrant cultural centre.

In the words of Stephen Bass of PRAH Recordings, “We are happy to be sharing a birthday party with Lost Map – friends of ours who we see as of a similar mindset.” He added, “Their geographical location working from the Isle is also something that we can take as inspiration – that idea of being outside of the norm yet also being welcoming, the sort of boldness that choosing an island existence might need, is the same sort of thing that is very useful in what we aim to do.”

Johnny Lynch of Lost Map expressed his admiration for PRAH Recordings, stating, “We have such love and respect for PRAH Recordings, the most forward-thinking record label in the UK. Over the past 10 years, they’ve constantly pushed boundaries with their experimental eclecticism, creating a catalogue of releases that don’t merely span a wide range of genres, but rather actively defy them.”

This Halloween celebration promises an unforgettable fusion of creativity, music, and spooky fun. Secure your tickets now and prepare to be enchanted on Saturday, October 28th. Join us at Platform, Glasgow, for a night of musical innovation and Halloween revelry. Glasgow, get ready to dance the night away and celebrate a decade of musical magic with Lost Map Records and PRAH Recordings.

To book tickets, and for more information on the Lost Map X Prah Hallowe’en All Dayer, click here.