5 More ‘Must-Sees’ at EdFringe 2023!

This year, amongst the 3000+ shows slated for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023, there’s a healthy contingent of returning acts. Explore our ‘Fringe Favourites‘ series as we shine a spotlight on the best of the returning performers. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the Fringe, theQR presents a definitive guide to the top returning #EdFringe 2023 shows, based on Tweets I made years earlier!

So here are 5 More ‘Must-Sees’ at #EdFringe 2023!

Darren McGarvey is a necessary force in the nation’s cultural discussion. He talks sense whilst others waffle.

Ashley Storrie – making light work of big rooms since 2018 and before. Naturally brilliant.

Dave Bibby once got me on stage in a red negligee – and I liked it. Enough said, yeah?

Alistair Clark is an enigma. Is it comedy, is it philosophy? Does it matter? All I know is he’s a very funny, and fascinating chap!

Rob Auton: being majestic since at least 2019. A lot of performance poetry is rubbish – Rob’s is not. You can tell him I said that.

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